Men still have trouble recognizing that a woman can be complex, can have ambition, good looks, sexuality, erudition and common sense. A woman can have all those facets, and yet men, in literature and in drama, seem to need to simplify women, to polarize us as either the whore or the angel. Natalie Dormer

I wish she’d be my whore…with all those traits she mentioned, my whore when we are alone!


Nope, I think I’m perfectly on point, I love a woman that’s multifaceted, someone who I can engage with and who doesn’t need me around 24/7 but is her own person.

Someone who challenges me to be better, to think quicker, to be more in control of myself and be better for her. Someone who will effect keep me on my toes because she knows what she wants and is more capable than me at getting it because she’s all the things I’m not! Because she is complex and part of getting to know her and to falling in love with her is understanding that, I think someone that she describes is amazing, and part of why Black Widow works so well in the Marvel films, or why her character in GoT is so appealing, someone to scheme with would be great!

But when it’s that time I’d also love her to know how to switch it all off and be what I need in the sack…that’s what I’d call perfect.

I think you’re just being an ass and you confrontational self :) I’m sorry though, I have no ‘witty’ picture of someone on a high horse.

Wow we’re just jumping straight on the ad hominem we’re not even bothering with pretense this time, okay.

Here’s the thing. You are still, in your long and exceptionally self-gratifying post, missing the point. The thing is- and I know this is gonna be a huge shock so maybe hold onto something for balance- that post had absolutely NOTHING to do with your preference for women. None. In fact, the entire point of the quote is how Natalie Dormer does not want to be reduced to an easy package for public consumption. And then you come along and say “I want to consume her.” You project a sexuality onto her that is utterly inappropriate, especially given the nature of what she’s saying. You literally say “I want her to be MY whore,” assuming some weird ownership of a human being literally being quoted as saying “I don’t want men to see me as a whore,” and say “she’ll be a whore for ME.” 

And I get it, you like ~~complex~~ whores, so it’s different, she’s allowed to be her own person, until of course you need a good fuck, at which point you want her to “be what you need in the sack.” (Just fyi, but that sounds eerily like the description of a Manic Pixie, which is another trope used to objectify and simplify women)

You took something about the nature of how men view her, and proved her own point; because in the end, all that your post was about was her gratifying you sexually. Considering you like to project an image of being a Good Feminist, I’m surprised this needs explanation. 

I also love how you’ve been friendly to me and even liked my selfies in the past, but now I’m an “ass.” It’s funny, it’s almost as if my calling out entitled, ignorant twenty-to-thirty-something men has made me less palatable for their consumption.

Have a witty picture. <3